Rune Retreat campsite

Veiw from the barn onto the camping field

Rune Retreat campsite at dawn

The Site at dawn as it was for Stavcamp 2013

Rune Retreat Camp 2018

To be held on the 21st to 23rd of June 2019 at a venue near Holt in North Norfolk, UK

This will be an opportunity to learn how to use the runes as passed down the in the Hafskjold-Stav tradition. The emphasis will be on learning the runic stances in the Karl galdre form.

The retreat will also enable you to develop a full Stav practice for everyday life. This will include detailed study of:

  • Runes and runelore
  • Other ways of training with the stances, staff and animal exercises
  • Working with the five principles of Stav
  • Crafts skills including making a staff, a tein and a runeset and bag
  • Practical rune counselling
  • Bindrunes; both understanding the traditional ones and creating your own.
  • Mythology through story telling
  • The Rune Retreat will be a camping event with meals and refreshements included. Teaching and training will be a combination of talks, active training sessions and practical activities.

    Please note that it will be a requirement for attending that you have completed the Foundation Programme, and demonstrated your engagement with the content.

    If you would like to register for a place on this event please use this email to contact Graham.